Rep. Stewart Responds to Governor Rauner’s State of the State Address

Springfield… Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner gave his first State of the State Address to Illinois’ General Assembly today. State Representative Brian Stewart (R-Freeport) released the following statement in reaction to the address…

“Governor Rauner made it clear that Illinois has many difficult challenges ahead. However, he outlined a promising plan to create jobs and provided solutions to get the economy thriving again through commonsense reforms. His plan to freeze property taxes would provide much needed relief to Illinois’ hardworking taxpayers.

“He wants to merge the offices of comptroller and the treasurer, which would save taxpayers more than $12 million annually. Furthermore, the Governor wants to make Illinois more competitive with other neighboring States. Worker’s comp and liability costs in Illinois rank among the worst in the nation and I agree with Governor Rauner that we need to reform those concerns.

“Overall, he addressed the problems we have known about for the last decade, but he is the first Governor to offer real solutions. I look forward to hearing his budget address in two weeks and I would expect there to be more specifics.”

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