Illinois House Meets, Again Fails to Take Budget Action

Another week of session has come and gone without any action taken to fix the budget crisis. Legislators were dismissed from Springfield this past Wednesday and have been ordered to return on September 24th.  That gives leaders in Springfield the opportunity to negotiate for a balanced budget and end the impasse within the next three-weeks.

Each day, week and month we continue to delay a budget deal the gap between revenue and spending grows larger.  Some estimates show that the gap is closer to $6 to $8 billion over the $32 billion dollar revenue estimate at this point.

How did we get here?  Leaders continue to refuse to come to the table and compromise.  All of the leaders should have the ability to listen to both sides and devise a compromise acceptable to both parties.  I have read Governor Rauner’s compromise proposals, but I have not heard from Speaker Madigan other than his usually weekly talking points.

When you hear the other side of the aisle say they don't want to talk about the “non-related budget issues”, they just want to talk about the budget, what they're really saying is they just want to raise taxes to increase government spending without making a single economic reform to increase jobs or a single government reform to save you money.  What they're really saying is let's just raise taxes, go home, and make hardworking taxpayers foot the entire bill.

We have to reign-in our spending and provide some reforms that will help drive business to create jobs and give the people who truly need our help the opportunity to receive it.  Raising taxes just to pay the bill doesn’t solve the problem.  Offering ideas and solutions and then compromising will solve the problem.

I hope everyone enjoys this Labor Day weekend and thank you to the hardworking families in the 89th District that continue make northwest Illinois great!  In closing, “No government is perfect.  One of the chief virtues of a democracy, however, is that its defects are always visible and under democratic processes can be pointed out and corrected,” stated President Harry S. Truman.

The people of Illinois pointed out the defects and elected Governor Rauner.  While some might believe he is doing more harm than good, change is never easy.  My colleagues and I stand united in our support for a truly balanced budget that protects the interests of taxpayers, working families and seniors.