Obama and Budget Address

View from the 89th District's House Seat (Rep. Stewart)
President Obama addressed the Illinois General Assembly last week for the first time.  While a number of sitting American presidents have visited Springfield and the Illinois State Capitol Building, only four have given addresses to joint sessions of the legislature.  The last President to speak in front of the General Assembly was Jimmy Carter in May of 1978.  Herbert Hoover spoke in June of 1931, and William Howard Taft addressed Illinois legislators in February of 1911.

It was a very interesting day in the Illinois Legislature when President Barack Obama came to Springfield and addressed a joint session of the Illinois House and Senate.  It is historical in the sense that a sitting President addressed the General Assembly in Illinois or any other state for that matter.  Regardless of your politics, party, ideology or whether or not you support his agenda his remarks were insightful as to what is going on in Illinois and in this country for that matter.
Hello February (and one more day closer to Spring)!  It seems like January was here and went all too fast.  February is an important month in Illinois State politics because it usually marks the end of the new bill introduction period in the House of Representatives.

The deadline for new legislation this year is February 11, 2016.  I want to reiterate my gratitude for everyone across the 89th District who has called, written, attended town hall meetings or any of the legislative luncheons from last year.  I firmly believe that people with practical experience and firsthand knowledge are the best resource for removing cumbersome regulations in Illinois. Your input has helped to shape the legislative agenda for the 89th District, and I appreciate your willingness to provide such critical feedback.