Stephenson County homeowners interested in learning about the process for determining property taxes are invited to attend a forum on Tuesday, June 27th sponsored by State Representative Brian Stewart and featuring Stephenson County Chief Assessment Officer Ron Kane.

Students between grades 1 through 5 are encouraged to participate in the “Become a Readasaurus” reading club. To take part in this program, please contact your local library to obtain a brochure on the program or print out the document above.

Participants will be asked to read eight books over the course of the summer. Readers who complete the program and return the pamphlet by July 29th will be eligible to participate in an ice cream party and will be presented with an official certificate from the Illinois House of Representatives.

Materials have been placed at libraries throughout Northwest Illinois to make the program accessible to all children in the district, or you can print out the attached portion to get started today. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 815-232-0774.
The General Assembly failed to pass a budget during regular session this year.  That disappointment was felt by Illinoisans across the state – especially those who rely on the necessary social services that our state is currently neglecting.  In my opinion, there is no other word to better describe this ridiculous situation other than “unacceptable.”  It truly is unacceptable.  This inaction prolongs suffering and does nothing to address the very real problems that our state currently faces.

Last week we talked about the ongoing budget battle.  All of us are very aware of the deleterious consequences that stem from operating without a budget.  Necessary social services and our education systems are suffering because of the impasse, and Springfield politicians are earning themselves some much deserved heat from constituents.

This week was our last chance to reach an agreement on the budget before the legislative session came to a close. This week we passed bill after bill – but none of those bills were a budget. Though we currently find ourselves without a resolution to the budget crisis, there is still some hope that an agreement can be reached during a special summer session.